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Cash Advance USA

Cash Advance USA provides short term cash loans when the cash is necessary and time is running short.

Cash Advance USA offers loans up to $500, for preferred customers and the funds are available the next day. The first four loan requests will be approved for $200 each. When those four have been paid back successfully, the applicant becomes a preferred customer. To qualify for a Cash Advance USA loan the applicant must make a minimum of $200 take home pay per week, have an active checking account, do not have 4 or more “non sufficient funds” on the latest bank statement and be a United States resident. The application or customer information sheet can be filled out and submitted online. The additional supporting information must be filled out and faxed to Cash Advance USA. The information includes a completed requirements sheet, a completed loan agreement, a copy of a signed personal check made out to Cash Advance USA for $250 and a copy of a valid state issued driver’s license or identification card. The applicant is also required to provide by fax a copy of the latest pay stub, and bank statement, proof of residency such as a utility bill, mortgage document or lease agreement. The document must include the applicant’s name and physical address and be dated within 30 days of application. If the required information is not received by Cash Advance USA, the application process will not proceed and the loan request will not be processed.
Loans from Cash Advance USA are for 15 days. The loan can be extended by submitting a loan extension request form a minimum of 3 business days before the loan payment is due. If the loan payment is returned fir insufficient funds, the applicant’s account will be turned over to the Cash Advance USA collections department. The applicant borrowing privileges will be automatically terminated. Cash Advance USA will report the applicant to the Scan and Telecheck Services and any check writing privileges the applicant has with Cash Advance USA will also be terminated. The applicant’s transgression will be reported to the credit bureau delinquent account department. There will also be a $25 returned check fee assessed to the applicant.
Cash Advance USA will approve loans to applicants regardless of credit. This will help customer’s begin the repair process to their credit score or will further damage the applicant’s credit score if the loan is not paid back on time. Applicants with no credit will find Cash Advance USA loans a starting point to developing good credit.
The finance charges are $25 per hundred dollars borrowed. That is a hefty interest rate and demonstrates why it is imperative to pay the loan back on time. If the applicant requests an extension, fees will be applied. The extension fee is $25 for every hundred dollars to be rolled over. The extension fee must be available in the applicant’s account on the original date the payback was due before an extension can be requested.

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