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Approved Cash Advance

Approved Cash Advance is a financial service company with more than 200 locations in 7 states and more loan centers scheduled to open in the near future.

Approved Cash Advance has been in business since 2004 and on the verge of becoming the nation’s leading cash advance company, enjoying rapid growth. Customers who utilize Approved Cash Advance lenders find cost effective loan alternatives rather than relying on high cost credit card cash advance or payday loans with the annual percentage rates that skyrocket into triple digits.
Approved Cash Advance loans are designed to address a short term loan need an applicant has when an unexpected expense rears its ugly head. While most people manage their household budgets fairly well, there are times when something happens that was not taken into account and not every possible event can be taken into account. There are times some people have to find a little financial help to help through the quagmire that presents a bit of a financial challenge.
The applicant has to keep in mind, Approved Cash Advance loans are meant for short-term use only and not intended to be used for long term financial remedies. If the applicant finds themselves using Approved Cash Advance loans on a regular basis, they should seek money management counseling to prepare a long-term solution to cash shortfall that does not involve taking out a loan to cover a cash flow problem.
States that regulate loans that Approved Cash Advance offers will allow a loan of only a certain amount to be offered to applicants. Approved Cash Advance will approve a cash limit within the state regulated range to an applicant based on the applicant’s income. Approved Cash Advance will not over extend an applicant and lend them more money than their paycheck will allow them to pay back when the due date rolls around.
Approved Cash Advance lenders do not perform a credit check when evaluating an application for approval. They will, however, check the applicant through a risk assessment company to determine if there are any loans similar to the loan types offered by Approved Cash Advance are outstanding and if payments are current.
Some states that regulate loans offered by Approved Cash Advance do not allow the applicant to rollover the loan to the next pay period. States that do allow rollovers, often limit those rollovers to 4. Rolling over a loan to the next pay period just adds to the finance charges already imposed on the loan. Limiting the rollovers is a consumer protection interface designed to ensure responsible use of the loans and prevent the applicant from falling into a black hole of never ending payments and causing the applicant more financial harm than good. There is a rollover fee that is charged, in addition to the usual finance charge. It is imperative the applicant full understands the fees involved and actually does the math to see the result of the loan if all fees are applied to the loan.

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